Preparing for the ascent..

Since 1995, Tahoe Trail Bar had developed a reputation for high quality ingredients, fantastic taste and for being a perfect snack with the nutritional density to sustain one’s energy for all sorts of outdoor activities from hiking to mountain climbing to skiing. When Wes King, the current Owner & CEO, bought the recipe he realized it was time to grow the company and get it introduced to a wider audience who could now appreciate it due to the incredible growth of the nutrition, health & wellness bar category.
After an extensive strategic visual audit of the bar category, we determined that the existing muted green color of the brand should be brightened to a rich, saturate green, allowing it to stand out in the crowded category, creating a billboard effect to really showcase the brand.
“Perspective: Branding brought years of experience, fantastic design sense, and a hands-on collaborative process to the table; ultimately, they brought forth my brand and gave it a head start on achieving its true potential. I could not be more enthusiastic and appreciative for the results and impact in the marketplace that this rebranding/packaging redesign had created,” Wes King – Owner.

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