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Where did all these Snack Boxes Come From?

By February 3, 2017 No Comments

Here at Perspective Branding, we love to snack and we love great snack food packaging. But alas, endless bowls of M&M’s and mini candy bars aren’t helping any of us watch our waistlines or manage our collective health. Instead, we use a variety of healthy snack subscription services and opening a new box of office edibles has become one of our favorite “work” activities. As a brand packaging agency that loves snacking, we advise you to check out these snack box packages and get your office mojo in gear for the new year.

Nature Box

Sure, we love companies that sprout in the Bay Area and Nature Box got into the game early, way back in 2012. Choose from over 100 Nature Box-made snacks and customize your selection by a slew of nutritional concerns, from gluten-free options to high-protein powders. Membership starts as low as $5/month, which is credited to future purchases, and it is easy to buy enough Nutty Power Clusters and Probiotic Power Mix to hit the $25 minimum required for free shipping.


Founded by Heather Bauer, a certified nutritionist and registered dietician, Bestowed is committed to sending you the best-tasting, most nutritionally sound snack foods and healthy beverages on the market.  Bestowed has put each item that makes its way to your mouth through a stringent review process. Companies have to man-up to make it into one of their boxes. With snacks like I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Clusters and GoodBelly Probiotic Juice Drinks in the line-up, and no shipping fees, Bestowed boxes are win-win for your tastebuds and your waistline.


Donating one meal to Feeding America (a national charity focused on feeding the food insecure) for every order shipped, is good karma for SnackNation. They also love to find hidden gems — those snackable delights — that are not yet on every corner. Cisse Coconut Cashew Brownie Super Thins and Field Trip Honey Spice Beef Jerky are just two fun surprises we loved from our Snack Specialist. And the free shipping feels good, too.

Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise does not want you to be surprised by any weird ingredients in your box so it leaves them out. Their ‘Snackologists’ guarantee new, full-size packaged snacks each month to keep your office surprised but there’s definitely no guessing about quality or deliciousness.  Of course there are no GMOs but Healthy Surprise takes it to eleven with no grains, legumes or refined sugar in any of its boxes! And other than their Paleo Box, which contains animal protein, all other products are vegan. Whoa.


Graze’s team of ‘Snack Inventors’ go the extra mile to look after the health of your body and of the planet. Their perfectly portioned snacks, such as Chia Coconut Cookies paired with Graze’s special blend Black Tea Multipack, are made in-house then placed in sustainably-sourced or biodegradable boxes and trays, packaged in right-sized portions for your tummy and your mailbox. New customers, who receive a $1 reward for signing up, can choose to donate their reward to the Graze School of Farming, located in rural Uganda. Of course you are going to, right?

We also love Love With Food.

Love with Food wants you to snack smarter with organic and gluten-free snacks like Lemon Ginger Macaroons from Emmy’s Organics and Black Rice Crackers from Laiki. Love goes deep here and Love with Food donates a portion of every item sold to organizations like The Global Food Banking Network. Snack on to help end hunger, one meal at a time.  Their gorgeous red snack box package is a real looker, too.

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