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Brand Packaging Features Tahoe Trail Bar’s Brand Refresh

By August 25, 2017 5 Comments
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It’s true that we like to pat ourselves on the back. But when our work is recognized by the industry, we are not shy about sharing our success – and our client’s success – with our community.

In the August issue of Brand Packaging, John Kalkowski takes a look at the challenge Tahoe Trail Bar’s packaging faced in the crowded energy bar marketplace and how Perspective:Branding helped them emerge from the clutter:



THE CHALLENGE: When Tahoe Trail Bar decided to take the plunge into the new flavors its customers were requesting, King says, it seemed like a great time to take the brand “down to the studs” and really capture the brand’s essence – “who we are and what we are about.” King reached out to Perspective:Branding of San Francisco, CA, for the rebrand.

“The rebrand was mostly about authentically capturing in our packaging what our most loyal fans always knew us to be,” King writes. “It was about getting back to our roots.”

Read the full article in the August issue of Brand Packaging.

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